Feel at home
in your own body
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Hi, we are YingYoung!

Most of us enjoy comfort, trends, and effortlessness.
We choose outfits where appearance is at the forefront.
However, we spend a lot of effort to appear effortless.
So why do we want to look


Trends make us wear sweatshirts when we're cold.
it forces them to prefer crop-tops in the heat and to buy denim shorts for a more comfortable look.
They say what we wear reflects our personality.
So who are you?

These contradictions within us need each other,
connected and eventually transform into each other.
It allows us to establish the delicate balance between our character and our appearance.


Ying Young's first collection was designed especially for
young people to express themselves better in comfort with their clothing choices.
Do not forget to make room in your closet for our first collection that we have prepared and that we are happy to share with you.

Because being beautiful is being yourself.